Top 10 Trips
Top 10 Trips

Top 10 Trips

Our Top 10 Trips 

1. Mekong River Cruise – The number one spot will come as no surprise, given our love for Vietnam. We took a small boat from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh and spent four glorious days on the Mekong River.  Seeing the cities and the landscape from the river was a once in a lifetime experience.



2.  Sahara Desert – We drove from Fez to Marrakesh and spent the night along the way in the Sahara. While we saw some amazing things, the best part of the trip was hanging out with and getting to know our driver Khalid.  We are still in touch on Instagram and someday hope to get that wedding invitation!  You can read more about our adventure here.



3.  Vow Renewal in Zanzibar – Nothing says romance like renewing your vows on a deserted sandbar in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Read all about it here and if you go, be sure to use Safari Blue.



4.  Safari in Tanzania – We took this trip for our tenth wedding anniversary and it’s an adventure we will never forget. Wowzer!  The opportunity to be up close and personal with animals in their natural environment was an experience that while hard to describe is equally unforgettable.  We are writing about this and can’t wait to post it so we can relive it but you can check out our planning process and see what it was like to hang out with this stunning lion pride.



5.  Honeymoon in Ireland – With both of us coming from Irish ancestry this was a no brainer choice for our honeymoon. We adore the Emerald Isle!

Irish countryside


6.  Our First Trip Together…Southern Italy – Aside from being our first big trip together, it’s also the place where we knew that our relationship was going to be a serious one. And where the name of this blog originated.  Our favorite moment from the trip was an afternoon in the deserted city (except for us)  of Marina del Cantone.   Swoon!



7.  Big Bend National Park – This might seem like it doesn’t go with the rest of the list, but we took this trip during Covid and were amazed at the natural beauty in our own state. Despite the unseasonable heat wave, the gorgeous landscapes stole our hearts.



8.  Civil Rights Tour – Although this was a girl’s trip and Graeme didn’t get to go, it was a long-awaited journey to the deep south to explore many of the locations that were pivotal in the battle for Civil Rights.



9.  Auschwitz-Birkenau – Another pre-G trip that I took solo. Human Rights are a passion and visiting Holocaust sites were on my list for years. Remembrance is critical.  This haunting experience will be with me always.



10.  Normandy, France – In case you can’t tell, we love history and each other. My trip to visit the WW2 sites was a girl’s trip and one that will never cease to have an impact on me. Seeing the American cemetery and the D-Day beaches further impressed upon me the price of freedom and democracy.



This list is fluid but the one thing that won’t change are our love-related favorites!  What are your favorite travel experiences?