Live a Great Story
Live a Great Story

Live a Great Story

What Does it Mean to Live a Great Story?

What does it mean to live a great story?  I guess that’s subjective.

For us, it means living in the present moment.  It means insisting on recognizing the everyday gifts that we might take for granted.  And appreciating them.  Things like waking up to a gorgeous sunrise, coffee, inside jokes, shared laughter, deep relationships with family and friends.   In other words, gratitude.

Are we successful every day?  Nope!  Do we get up and try again tomorrow?  Usually.

Living a great story doesn’t require any special clothes, or tools, or effort;  it’s a mindset.

How We Got Started

Several years ago my dear friend Sharon gifted me a Live a Great Story flag to take on our travels.  I loved the idea of adding it to the backpack and taking photos with it along the way.

What I didn’t count on was how it made me more cognizant of when I’m not being intentional about gratitude.   I am a perpetual optimist but I can quickly get into a frame of mind that is less than positive. And often I don’t even know why that happens.

What I do know is that travel is wonderful and interesting but also can be stressful and unpredictable.  Some days I handle that better than others.  And I give myself a break because don’t we all need to do that for ourselves?

When we are on the road, knowing that I have my flag with me is like carrying an irresistible secret.  It’s also a gentle reminder that no matter what obstacles we encounter or how cranky I am for no reason, I can change my mindset even if I can’t change my circumstances.

And that my friends, is something worth having!


Final Thoughts

If you aren’t familiar with Live a Great Story check out their website where you can be inspired to live your own great story.  We hope you will and while you’re there grab your own flag and send us a picture.  We look forward to it!