Who We Are
Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome to our corner of the internet where we share our travel experiences curated through the lens of intentional storytelling and photography.

I’m Carla and in 2008 I started this blog on a different platform to document my solo travels for friends.  When I became a grandmother, I wanted to create a space where my grandchildren could see how travel broadens your world, generates respect, and creates gratitude.


But as travel has changed me, the vision of this blog has changed.

Speaking of changes……let me introduce you to my sweet husband Graeme, logistician extraordinaire.  We met through a mutual friend in December of 2009 and a few months later realized that as a couple nearing our 50th year we had found something in each other that was worth exploring.  Our first long trip together was to Italy with a group of friends celebrating milestone birthdays and at the end of that trip we intuitively knew that our relationship would move to the next level.   We’ve continued to be enchanted with each other since our marriage in 2012.


The Birth of this Blog

The idea of “savor, not conquer” came to life when Graeme and I were planning our honeymoon to Ireland. It occurred to me that all our many travel resources were oriented toward all the things to do but nothing devoted to being present.  I suggested that for our trip we aspire to both be in the moment and not focused on “check the box” travel.   The rest is history. As (now) travelers in our 60’s we find that it only gets sweeter and more meaningful with every trip.

On Travel

Today, our journeys are as much about living in the moment as they are about experiencing a new culture and meeting people that we might never cross paths with if not for getting out of our comfort zone and accepting the roadblocks that come with travel.

We’ve been fortunate to cross paths with countless, gracious people who were willing to share their stories with us.  We have depended upon the kindness of strangers more times than we can count.  We have been on the receiving end of radical kindness and acceptance, and we are richer for it.  Travel truly makes us better citizens of the world.

The globe symbolizes our world, and we want to see it, all of it, one person, one country at a time.  We hope that our storytelling brings our destinations to life but even more important we hope that we bring life to the people who inhabit them, the generous individuals who have shared their time and with us and gave us the privilege of getting to know them, however briefly.

We look forward to sharing our version of wanderlust with you in hopes that you enjoy it with us and if we inspire you to pick a spot on the map and pack a suitcase, all the better.

And in that liminal space between departure and arrival we hope you savor what is to come.