Hello Sahara!
Hello Sahara!

Hello Sahara!

Road Trip from Fez to Marrakesh

What an adventure it was  traveling from Fez to Marrakesh. We packed so much adventure into three days and it was a memory that will sustain us for years to come.  It’s also one of our Top 10 Trips.  EVER!

I’ll write more about this, but here are the highlights from our driving trip from Fez to Marrakesh:

  • We spent the night in the desert
  • One-on-one time with our amazing driver (and now friend) Khalid who jokingly kept trying to talk Graeme into another wife…or two, or three…..
  • I used a squat toilet (yay for yoga)
  • Khalid shared stories about his family and Moroccan history and culture
  • We jammed our way through the Atlas Mountains to African music
  • Khalid gave us nicknames that stuck for the rest of the trip (Sheik/Sultana)
  • In one day we went through fog, rain, snow and blowing sand
  • We got stopped three times by the Royal Police
  • We ate amazing food…..side note: Morocco served up the best food I’ve ever had, period!
  • We went to a kasbah
  • We saw a million stars hovering over our camp in the Sahara
  • We drove on washed out roads, mountain roads, and across the sand dunes
  • We rode camels to our camp
  • We saw the sun rise and sun set over the Sahara Desert
  • By way of a chance meeting, we were able to meet Khalids brothers
  • We went through the middle and high Atlas Mountains 
  • We enjoyed Berber music and dancing…..my appreciation was great but my rhythm is weak so no dancing for me!

The most fun we had was getting to know Khalid, joking around with him, the laughter, the nicknames, his stories.  It was such a beautiful three days. When Khalid finds a wife, we are invited to the wedding!