Volunteering at The Elma School
Volunteering at The Elma School

Volunteering at The Elma School

About The Elma School

The Elma School‘s two-part vision is to provide a free education to children in rural areas and to restore hope and build dignity for life.  Students come from eight of the surrounding villages and have the opportunity to learn English, computer and sewing skills and participate in dance, music, soccer and art clubs.

Importantly, the Elma School and Trust provides four essential services to the local community:  education, vocational training,  healthcare programs and community services.  Students range in age from 4-18 and all are provided with an opportunity to learn free from discrimination based on class, race, color, gender, religion, and disability.


elma school
The Elma School

How we Found The Elma School

Working with Give a Day Global, a non-profit that connects travelers to one-day volunteer opportunities, we were partnered with the Elma School during a visit to Siem Reap in 2017.

At the time of our visit the school served 380 children from K – 16 years. The students attended government school for half the day and the Elma School the other half.

After a tour with the Managing Director, we spent time watching the younger children play games and show us their artwork and their classrooms.  It was sweet to see how excited they were to have visitors.


Volunteering at The Elma School

Later, Graeme and I had the privilege of practicing English skills with a group of older students.  Graeme is a natural teacher and it was a joy to watch him interact with the children and they loved him!

We savored every single moment of our time at Elma School, it truly filled our souls to see the life changing work happening there.  We left with lots of hugs, handmade presents, beautiful flowers, and precious artwork from the littlest ones.

Supporting The Elma School

After we returned home we felt compelled to make a donation to fund a project at the school.  Having seen first hand what the needs were, it was an easy decision and one we wouldn’t hesitate to repeat.

If you are interested in making an impact where the need is great, please take a look at the “What You Can Do” page on the schools website.  Your dollars will change lives.