A Trip of a Lifetime with The Safari Specialist
A Trip of a Lifetime with The Safari Specialist

A Trip of a Lifetime with The Safari Specialist

About The Safari Specialist

Planning a safari is not for the faint of heart and we knew we didn’t have the resources to do it on our own.  Enter Ellie at The Safari Specialist.  In her words, and ours,  a safari is “a trip of a lifetime” and a “daunting task” to plan.  No truer words have been spoken!

As we made our way through interviews with safari operators, one thing that stood out about Ellie was that   she had lived in Tanzania and had a deep connection with people on the ground at the very places we were interested in.

We appreciated that she practices responsible tourism and supports conservation efforts in local communities.  It didn’t hurt that being in the same time zone as we are made for easy communication.


The Planning Process

We started planning our safari nine months out and that was a double edged sword.  For one thing, the Delta Covid variant was just a whisper and we hadn’t even heard of Omicron yet.  Talk about travel anxiety!  We decided early on that we were going to take whatever came our way and rest in the knowledge that we would go on a safari eventually, even if it wasn’t when we wanted to go.

To that end, Ellie and her experience and contacts were invaluable.  She was able to guide us through the process of choosing the best route, the best camps, and give us realistic expectations of what we could expect to see with respect to the Great Migration.  It was a lot and there is absolutely no way we could have done this on our own.

Ellie was able to usher us through the constantly changing Covid requirements and her communication with those on the ground in Tanzania provided real time information.  This definitely worked to our benefit. And thanks to her guidance, we were well prepared for the visa application and the entry process.


Our Covid Process


Ellies recommendations for us were well-thought out after identifying through several conversations what we wanted to experience as first-time safari guests. Throughout the planning process she quickly responded to our many questions about going on safari.

On the Ground in Tanzania

Ellies was the first email we received on the ground in Tanzania, she checked in to make sure everything went smoothly with our arrival and our accommodations. Her commitment to us throughout the entire trip was appreciated and speaks volumes about how she values her clients.

Our trip was to celebrate an anniversary and Ellie made sure that we were treated with extra attention at each of the four safari camps that we visited, it was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Additionally, our dietary preferences were communicated to each of the camps, and we were accommodated without having to explain them at every meal.  As a vegetarian, I greatly appreciated that.


Final Thoughts

Our curated safari by Ellie at The Safari Specialist was truly  the trip of a lifetime and we can’t recommend her enough.  Her expertise is unsurpassed.

If you find yourself considering a safari, in particular a safari in Tanzania, please give Ellie a chance to weigh in on your business.  We don’t think you will regret it and would love to hear from you if you do.


Sunset at Ngorongoro Crater