Reflections on Morocco
Reflections on Morocco

Reflections on Morocco

Reflections on Morocco

After two days in airports and on planes we made it home, laundry is done and we slept in our own bed.  What an adventure and experience it was!

Final Musings 

  • Because of the three languages and cultural differences we depended on the kindness of strangers more than any other trip we’ve been on…. time after time, thank goodness for willing hearts and open minds.
  • Smiles, sweet children and cell phones are universal.
  • We had challenges with the locks on the doors, they just seemed to work differently.  We had three locks for one door and a flimsy padlock on another.
  • My camel had a cup holder which is the perfect situation for me, I drink a LOT of water.  Just like a camel!
  • The housekeeper at the last place we we stayed gave us a lovely gift as we were leaving and although we couldn’t communicate, her eyes said it all. Shukran.
  • I got locked in a bathroom and Graeme got left by our driver in Marrakech, twice.
  • We had a bird that slept in our house every night in Marrakech; we named him Maurice. It was fun to watch him find his perfect nesting place every evening. 
  • A woman at the public toilet gave me precisely eight squares of toilet paper. Fortunately, I always travel with my own, for situations just like this one. 
  • Graeme playing soccer in an alley with a little boy is a memory that I will always associate with Marrakesh.  Impromptu and tender moments all rolled up in my recollections of this lovely country. 
  • I’ll not forget the haunting sound of the call to prayer or the word Inshallah, woven in to every conversation and meaning “if Allah wills it.” 
  • So many differences yet so many similarities. 

After nearly three weeks away, I came home keenly aware of and grateful for the privilege, recognition and opportunity afforded to me as a woman living in the United States.  And for the lovingkindness offered to me from my sisters in Morocco, shukran.  

And always, for me, the absolute best part of a trip are the words “welcome home.”