Savor, Not Conquer Travel

Savor, Not Conquer Travel


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

If you are reading this, you probably already love travel.  You may be just starting out or you might be a well-seasoned traveler already. Either way we invite you to explore how we travel the world through our vision, mission, and values.

As you may have read over on our “Who We Are” page, we are constantly evolving.   Our plan for the space is to be nimble and flexible, just like we must be when we travel.  Trust us, we have big ideas about where we are headed with Savor, Not Conquer. 

For now, please check out our vision (what we want to do long-term), mission (what we are doing now),  and our values (the fundamental beliefs that influence our travel choices).  

As you explore our content we would love your feedback, particularly if you think we’ve missed the mark.  Don’t get us wrong, we love the good feedback, but your constructive comments help us change for the better and allow us to course correct as we grow.   


To introduce you to entrepreneurs and NGO’s in developing economies and give you an opportunity to help them realize their dreams. 


Create compelling content through written and visual storytelling.

Our Values

Curiosity – We explore our world with deep curiosity and within context, mindfully engaging with people, their customs, cultures, and religions.   

Respect – We honor the privilege of travel by making sure our actions match our words. We accomplish that by researching each destination, dressing appropriately, being respectful with our photography, adhering to local customs, learning, and using basic words and phrases.  We long to connect with people and have meaningful conversations, one person at a time.  

Stay Local – We understand that economic success at the local level depends on small businesses having the opportunity to thrive.  We have a huge room in our hearts for female- owned businesses and independent entrepreneurs and supporting them is key to our vision.  

Sustainability– We understand that travel impacts our planet.   We are committed to raising the bar on how we offset our travel footprint even if it’s uncomfortable. For us, that looks like meandering travel, extending our visits in one place, using low-impact products, financial contributions to climate focused organizations, and traveling light. We will continue to refine our efforts and actively seek new ways to lessen our impact. 

Gratitude – Above all we strive to stay grateful, both for the people we encounter, the locations we visit and the privilege to do both.